Houses Wanted for Filming

“So do you guys deal with houses wanted for filming?” – A question we deal with on a daily basis, and to which we can answer very simply: Yes! At Filming at My House we specialise in dealing with property owners, and the people on the hunt for their property (the location scouts).

If you have a property and would like to list it so that the location scouts can find it, list it here for free.

If you are a location scout and are on the hunt for an ideal property in a specific location, click here.

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The Independent’s Summary of How Much You Can Earn Hiring For Shoots

Way back in 2006, The Independent put together a very useful article on the financial benefits of hiring out your house for filming.

The key earning summary is below, remembering that agents take around 20%:

  • 1 day of using your house as a film set: £1,000-£2000
  • 1 day of using your home for a fashion or photography shoot: £500
  • 1 day of using your home for an advertising still: £800-£1,000

Read the full article here:

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Saga Magazine agreed: Hiring out your House for Films is Lucrative.

In Saga Magazine’s article about hiring out your house for filming, they focussed on advice and tips for anyone considering the idea.

In summary they state it is lucrative for homeowners; you probably need to use an agent such as us; all types of home are in demand; production crew will visit the property ahead of filming; it’s best to keep out of the way during filming; always use contracts; and expect 50% fees for set-up and dismantling days.

Read the full article here:

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The Telegraph on Turning Your Home into a Film Location

The Telegraph reported on ‘Turning Your Home into a Film Location’ way back in May 2013, showing how the concept is not a new one.

Interestingly they include tips about shoot contracts, tax, and damage.

Have a read below.

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Want to get paid to have celebrities wander around your house?

It may seem like an odd question, but a very valid one for those who are considering listing their property on . As long as you’re happy with the possibility of an entire production crew and actors strutting around your home, then you’ll be in with a chance of getting very well-rewarded.

As a property owner, you can now list your house for free and get potential bookings to film parts of movies, series, or photo shoots at your place.

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What the BBC said about hiring out your home for filming

The BBC put a very complete article together last year covering the concept of hiring out your home for filming.

As the idea of renting out space for filming is being embraced by more and more homeowners, this article summarises how it is a fantastic idea.

Have a read here:

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